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Designation :    Asst. Mgr. R & D ( Power Electronics) 

Role: R&D Asst. Manager (Power Electronics)
Location: Delhi / Pune
lary: Commensurate to Experience and Capability
Experience : 15 yrs.
Relevant Experience: 10-15 yrs.

Job Responsibility and Description :

  • In depth knowledge and understanding of Diodes, Thyristors, GTOs & IGBTs power semi-conductors, their characteristics and application.
  • Sound theoretical understanding and designing of various power conversion topologies such as Converters, Inverters, Buck-boost designs, Power factor control, Fly-back converters, SMPS for traction / industrial applications.
  • Knowledge and hands on experience of simulation techniques using Matlab / Pspice / Psim & other tools.
  • In depth knowledge of circuits employing Microprocessors, Micro Controllers, DSPs, FPGAs, CPLDs, EPLDs and developing embedded software using C, C++ VHDL etc.
  • Knowledge of designing of control circuits employing Digital, Analog and Mixed signal electronic hardware.
  • In depth knowledge of designing and implementing communication interfaces like CAN/ SP / USB/ RS485/ RS232 /UART etc.
  • Thermal designs and analysis of Power Electronic Circuits and estimation of Heat Sink requirements and Cooling System Design.
  • Hands on experience on PCB designing and EMI / EMC simulation techniques.
  • Knowledge of electrical components viz. Capacitors, Inductors, Motors, Contactors, Circuit Breakers etc. and interpretation of their data sheets vis-à-vis application requirements.
  • Basic understanding of reliability engineering DFM, MTBF.

Educational Qualifications:

ME/PhD (Electricals/ Electronics) with specialisation in Power Electronics


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