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Designation : AVP Corporate Finance      JOB CODE (WEB- AVPCFIN) 

Role: AVP / VP Corporate Finance Division
Location: Gurgaon / Delhi / NCR
Salary: Commensurate to Experience and Capability

Experience : 12+ yrs.

Job Responsibility and Description :

AVP / VP Corporate Finance Division

Job Description

Key Responsibility Areas

  1. Fund Raising:Private Equity Placements

  2. Debt Financing

  3. Working Capital Finance etc.

  4. Valuation & Business Modelling Detailed assessment of management’s business plan

  5. Valuations based on suitable methods such as Discounted Cash Flow Method, Market Multiples Method, Net Asset Value Method etc. for fund raising / mergers & acquisitions.

  6. Financial Due Diligence

  7. Presentations and Reports

  8. Information Memorandums / Teasers for Investors

  9. Presentations / Snapshots on Proposed Transactions

  10. Profiles and Projected Financials of Clients

  11. Project Feasibility Reports, and

  12. Valuation Reports

  13. Investor Identification

  14. Preliminary investigations with the purpose of creating a shortlist of Potential Investors (Strategic and / or Financial).

  15. Evaluation & prioritization of the above based on discussions with the management & initiating a dialogue with the above.

  16. Negotiations & Deal Closure : Negotiations with investors on various issues including valuation & structuring

  17. Supervision & Leadership : Supervising & leading the junior team towards the successful timely completion of existing mandates

  18. Business Development : Activities aimed at the overall growth and development of the Corporate Finance division, including the creation and implementation of new mandates.

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